1,000 applications for just 1 job post!

Did you see that on the news a few days ago?


A restaurant up in Manchester received a staggering 1,000 applications for just one vacancy. From memory, it was a front of house role.


In the same report, it also spoke with a Digital Marketing professional who’d sent 60-70 applications over the last few months, still hunting for a new job. In the clip, Danielle came out of her interview, telling the reporter she was into the next round…With seven others! Best of luck, Danielle!


It’s a sign of the times, right. With many millions on furlough over the last few months, and the potential for a sharp rise in unemployment figures, it’s understandable applicant numbers will be on the rise.


For those companies looking to hire Digital Marketing talent over the coming days, weeks, and months, they might be rubbing their hands together, believing cheap recruitment can be achieved.


But is direct hiring cheap?


I’ve recently seen first hand that hiring managers (and let’s not forget they have day jobs to do to, they don’t just do recruitment), are finding so many more applications overwhelming and making their jobs even harder.


Like with most things, when we become overwhelmed, we may inevitably miss something due to lapses in concentration. Looking through 100’s of CV’s, searching for very niche and specific backgrounds and experience is no easy feat.


As I mentioned above, hiring managers also have their actual day job to complete. Spending hours each day involved in recruiting won’t bring positive results for driving customer acquisition and retention strategies. And if they’re managing to cover both, don’t be surprised if they soon leave your business through exhaustion and burnout!

Clients that I’ve been working with during the last few months have come across a great solution that I’ve been able to provide.


By working with me exclusively, I’ve taken the burden away from them and owned the recruitment problem. It’s resulted in hiring managers getting back to what they’re good at…Their Digital Marketing day job.


Alongside only sending them the most relevant CV’s, these have been accompanied by short video interviews of the candidates, thus bringing their CV’s to life. It’s meant the hiring managers I’ve been supporting on positions covering Search, Performance, and Growth Marketing have had the opportunity to see candidates communication skills, and understand cultural qualities upfront.


When then selecting candidates to interview, investing 1+ hour with each, they feel very confident that their time is going to be spent wisely and more relaxed about leaving the day job for an hour or so.


Would you like to experience this way of working when you next need to hire Digital Marketing talent? If so, please email me to arrange a call on Alex@AcquireDigitalTalent.com.


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