Retained recruitment. What’s stopping you now?

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I had an interesting conversation the other week with a company over retained vs exclusive contingent recruitment which I thought was worthy of sharing.

“We aren’t looking to hire a C-level person, this is a mid-level role, so what’s the point of a retainer,” they said?

I appreciate there’s a perception out there that retained recruitment is strictly for Director and C-level roles, but what if I told you I’ve worked retained roles even for junior positions from the 30k level!

“Why would anyone do that!” I hear you cry….

Well, it’s pretty simple and super smart from a company who is serious about hiring AND hiring the very best.

Retained recruitment doesn’t mean long-winded processes, endless amounts of details and documentation to go through, in fact, it can actually help you hire far quicker than working contingent or with more than 1 recruiter.

Here’s why;

When I’m retained by the select clients I agree to work with in this way, they buy my attention and commitment. They have my absolute priority, and this is the position I’m going to be working on all day and into the night if necessary, as full commitment has been agreed by both parties.

Secondly, it opens them up to my higher-level service offering, which means they save even more time as I conduct their 1st round interviews on their behalf using video technology.

Thirdly, like with most recruiters you work with on a contingent basis, the candidates I source for my retained partners are ONLY presented to them. They aren’t used to send to another company UNTIL they have been fully rejected from the process by my client. This reduces the chance of them being placed by your recruiter with another brand just because they were paying them a better fee!

Fourth. And this is a biggie. IT WON’T COST YOU ANY MORE MONEY! It’s about a process, commitment, and getting the position filled. It’s not about costing more than what you’ll pay for contingent recruitment, plus you get a better service. And for what? Paying just a small part of the fee upfront that you would have paid anyway!

And lastly, the candidates. They enjoy a far smoother journey, with better feedback as when I work with retained clients, they agree to give detailed feedback, which if anything means those businesses enjoy better word of mouth referrals in the future. Sure, most candidates won’t get hired, but at least they left the process with a good feeling about the brand.

So, what’s stopping you now?