40% reduction in time to hire Digital Marketing talent

Case Study – Leisure Pass Group

Go City (formerly Leisure Pass Group) (LPG) was formed in early 2017 through the merger of three separate entities, London-based (old) Leisure Pass Group, Boston-based Smart Destinations and New York Pass, each of which offered passes allowing holiday-makers to visit attractions in different geographic markets. The technological expertise and commercial reach of the combined entity has created a clear global leader in an attractive segment of the e-tourism market. Exponent, the UK Private Equity fund that owns LPG, has set has ambitious plans to leverage these capabilities to drive the businesses continued profitable growth.

LPG sells multi-attraction passes that offer travellers various options to maximize the fun, savings, and convenience of sightseeing: ‘All-Inclusive’ products (where the user chooses the duration for which they want their pass to be valid), ‘Pick-From’ products (where the user chooses the number of attractions that they wish to visit), and ‘Build Your Own’ products (where the user specifies exactly which attractions they wish to visit). LPG products cover attractions in over 35 destinations spread over 5 continents.

As with many online-focused brands, Performance Marketing is critical to the overall success of the business. During the last 3 years LPG has been in-housing their team and over the last 12 months, Acquire Digital Talent have partnered with LPG to hire 2 brand new Senior Performance Media Managers.

Both hires represented challenges as the first was made during the summertime, traditionally a period where candidates are more concerned with relaxing at the beach opposed to job hunting and the second during the Christmas and New Year festivities. Again, a time when many candidates forget about job hunting for a good 2 weeks.

This didn’t stop Acquire from succeeding as we’ve built and nurtured a large and robust network of Digital Marketers during the last 10 years.

Here are some of the stats…

First hire:

Days from taking on the role to 1st interview = 11

Number of applicants = 4

Number of applicants that progressed past 1st stage interview = 2

Days from taking on the role to offer = 22 (industry average is 54)

Second hire:

Days from taking on the role to 1st interview = 13

Number of applicants = 3

Number of applicants that progressed past 1st stage interview = 1

Days from taking on the role to offer = 30

Seeing as the average time to fill a Marketing position is 54 days (stat via Workable), demonstrates the added value LPG receives working with Acquire.

On top of this, LPG also benefited from receiving an 8-10 minute video interview that accompanied each CV. This allowed the hiring managers to see how candidates came across culturally, which can’t always be identified from a PDF/Word document.

Here’s a few words from the hiring manager, David Smith (Head of Performance Media & Attribution):

“Working with Alex at Acquire Digital Talent has not only helped to speed up the recruitment process but we were really impressed with the high quality of candidates submitted. Having the opportunity to watch a video interview alongside their CV made us feel confident that those we decided to invite for interviews at our offices would be a good use of our time. We’ve since gone on to hire a couple of fantastic Performance Marketers that have really helped us achieve our growth goals. I’d highly recommend Alex and Acquire to any business looking for top quality Digital Marketing talent.”

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