7 Steps to Scale with Founder of The Part-Time CMO, Lucy Woolfenden – Episode 8

Whether you’re bootstrapping or boosted by seed funding, crafting a marketing strategy to scale up requires patience to reap the rewards. As it turns out, Lucy Woolfenden – a growth marketer with incredible credentials including Yolt and Skype – has refined the concept into a growth formula of her own: her 7 Steps to Scale.

Now the Founder of The Part-Time CMO, Lucy joins us on the podcast to talk about the strategies that help her clients through the early stages of seed funding, and maximise their resources, as well as her ideal tools to implement when in the early stages of lead generation.


This episode covers

  • Upskilling and supporting bootstrapped tech startups
  • Adopting similar marketing methods in B2B and B2C
  • The tools Lucy would recommend for promoting content
  • Allowing a marketing strategy time to work properly
  • Lucy’s 7 steps to scale
  • Collaboration across functions


Links & references


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Lucy Woolfenden: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucywoolfe/


The Part-Time CMO: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-pt-cmo/


Episode highlights


“I went to Skype, and the aim at Skype was to move the 300 million users that regularly use the desktop version onto the mobile app. This was the first time there was video calling on mobile, but also they wanted to really get people into the chat, so we did that through partnerships.” – 1:40 – Lucy Woolfenden


“There are lots of startups that need strategy and support, but they don’t have the budget or the need for somebody full time to sit there. And they often make that mistake and bring in somebody very senior that wants to be leading strategically but doesn’t want to get their hands dirty, or they bring in someone junior with lots of enthusiasm, but doesn’t know how to scale the business.” – 3:00 – Lucy Woolfenden


“I think in terms of channel mix, the most important thing to think of is: Where is your audience? Where is your lowest hanging fruit? You go to them.” – 7:15 – Lucy Woolfenden


“I think people are people. So whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, you’re still selling to a person. You still have to understand what that problem is that they need solving, so in that sense a lot of the principles work on both sides.” – 8:50 – Lucy Woolfenden


“Content strategy and SEO isn’t a quick win, but it is regenerative growth, and it’s the steady organic growth which is so much stronger than if you employ a lead gen agency to fire off 1000 emails to cold contacts.” – 13:45 – Lucy Woolfenden


“The most important thing you want to be showing people is that those who have started using your product keep coming back and using it again, and are enjoying it. Then when you get larger, it’ll be about lifetime value.” – 18:00 – Lucy Woolfenden


“The sooner you go from thinking of yourself as a tech company to a sales & marketing company, the better, whether that’s finding customers or getting funding. You can have the best technology in the world, but if you don’t have people using it, and you’re not making revenue, then you don’t have a business.” – 24:50 – Lucy Woolfenden


“Often people say that it’s easier when you’re around the proverbial kitchen table, because you’re all working together and all talking to each other, and everybody is a jack of all trades.” – 26:20 – Lucy Woolfenden