Acquire Digital Talent Strikes Gold Again: Director of Acquisition Secured for We Feed Raw

In the ever-evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, the power of strategic leadership cannot be overstated. We Feed Raw, a pioneer in delivering premium raw dog food, has yet again enlisted the expertise of Acquire Digital Talent to fuel its growth journey. This time, the mission was securing a Director of Acquisition to spearhead new customer acquisition in their ambitious pursuit of doubling Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).


This marks the second triumph for Acquire Digital Talent at We Feed Raw, having previously assisted in bringing Valerie Manas on board as Director of Lifecycle Marketing in September 2023. The success of this partnership is a testament to Acquire Digital Talent’s commitment to delivering top-tier talent to the forefront of the DTC arena.



We Feed Raw’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nick Nomann, turned to Acquire Digital Talent for a pivotal hire. The mandate was clear – find an A* candidate with core expertise in Performance Marketing, a deep understanding of DTC subscription models, the ability to manage and grow a team, and a knack for scaling budgets. The challenge was substantial, but the stakes were higher, with We Feed Raw aiming to replicate the success of doubling ARR in the last 18 months.


Engaged in a retained search, Acquire Digital Talent meticulously agreed on the target profile and backgrounds with the We Feed Raw team. The journey commenced with mapping the market, identifying 181 potential profiles. Each candidate was introduced to the compelling story of We Feed Raw, resulting in an outstanding market response.


The enthusiasm in the market translated into six high-quality candidates for interviews. Two finalists emerged from the rigorous process, placing the client, We Feed Raw, in the challenging position of choosing the perfect fit.


Ultimately, the torchbearer for We Feed Raw’s future growth is Caroline Moylan, who recently returned to the US, having gained extensive experience supporting high-growth DTC brands during her tenure in the UK. As We Feed Raw continues to scale, Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge to drive new customer acquisition and elevate the brand to unprecedented heights.



The We Feed Raw team is on the cusp of an exciting chapter, and we extend our heartfelt wishes to Caroline and the entire team as they forge ahead. This success story is a testament to the combined efforts of We Feed Raw and Acquire Digital Talent.


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