Are You Making A Good First Impression?

Hiring across the board is TOUGH! Whether it be senior marketing leaders and executives in my CMO & Marketing Director Forum or the CMOs I interview on my podcast, Scale of One to Tech, everyone finds hiring more challenging than ever before!


Therefore, making the RIGHT impression the FIRST time is a huge deal.


Sometimes, hiring Digital & Growth Marketing Leaders and Executives can be reactive. Perhaps it’s to back-fill someone who’s leaving, or maybe it’s due to an idea discussed in the boardroom. Jumping into a hiring process without taking the time to map it out can lead to no hire at all.


Did you know, *92% of candidates would consider leaving their current company if another employer with an excellent reputation offered them a job.


That’s great, right!? But are you aware of your brand perception within the market?


*86% of job seekers will research an employer’s reviews and testimonials when deciding if they want to apply for a job.

Are you on top of Glassdoor ratings and what’s being said by current and former employees?


Candidates trust existing employees *three times more than the company when it comes to providing insight into what the company is like to work for.


Do you include wider team members in your interview process? If not, perhaps it’s time you should.


One of the benefits my clients receive when using The Acquire Method are insights such as their brand perception from a particular talent pool, understanding how competitors structure their teams, and the differing pay and packages the cohort receives.


Working in this way helped many to hire the best possible person from within the market at that time.


If you’ve been struggling with Digital & Growth Marketing Leadership and Executive hires, or perhaps are thinking about embarking on such a search, feel free to learn more about The Acquire Method and how it could benefit you by clicking the link.


*Stats from Glassdoor