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I believe (part 2)

Welcome to Acquire Digital Talent. Hopefully you share my beliefs in the way recruitment should be from reading part 1. In the 2nd part of this blog, I’d like to share an overview of who we are. But first, why we do, what we do. “We’re in the art & science of creating exciting futures for our customers, helping them overcome difficult challenges by installing the pride and confidence they need to soar. We help our customers achieve these momentous…

I believe (part 1)

During my time in the recruitment world I’ve had the pleasure to work with and assist many top candidates to secure great roles which have helped shape and define their careers. There have also been the countless companies, struggling to hire a specialist Digital Marketer for months and months or didn’t know where to start. I’ve been able to partner with and advise them to find that needle in the haystack, in a relatively short…

The Journey Begins

For many years, those whom I spoke with regularly within my network told me to go and do it. They believed in me, but could I really do it, and did I believe in myself!? With time comes experience, and with experience comes confidence. You’re able to understand the landscape much better and identify those things that make our industry great and those that are just plain awful. There are always things inside your mind…