Secret Escapes’ formula for hiring best-in-class performance marketers with Head of Performance & Revenue, Rumyana Miteva – Episode 2

Would you take the best digital marketeer in the world if they were a poor cultural fit for your business? Striking a balance between skills and shared values is key as you expand your workforce – something that Secret Escapes’ Head of Performance and Revenue, Rumyana Miteva knows all too well.


Rumyana joins Alex Marriner in episode 2 of the Scale of One to Tech podcast to discuss how Secret Escapes have maintained passion and engagement from their staff and the tools used to do so. They also explore the recent shift towards T-Shaped marketeers, identifying current and future business needs, and upskilling your team.


This episode covers

  • Improving your business development communications
  • Assessing current and upcoming business needs
  • Identifying cultural fits in employment candidates
  • Diversity and inclusion when hiring
  • Specialist vs T-Shaped marketeers
  • Keeping staff engaged and passionate

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Episode highlights:


“The business’ values are fundamental – understanding those, understanding where the business is coming from and what the vision is has helped us to define those at Secret Escapes. We’ve just incorporated them into our hiring process.” – 4:53 – Rumyana Miteva


“Attention to detail is super important because there’s so many settings, there’s so many things that could go wrong when you’re running campaigns. Paying attention to the smaller details could make all that difference.” – 6:10 – Rumyana Miteva


“When it comes to some of the interview questions there won’t be a right or wrong answer. You just want to see the candidate explore the various options, like spending time thinking about solving a problem with their own solution. ” – 8:00 – Rumyana Miteva


“Something that we’ve done with our HR team is to provide diversity training for all of our managers to ensure that we’re all aware of our internal biases, because we all have them – willingly or unwillingly.” – 10:02 – Rumyana Miteva


“We’re all heading towards becoming T-Shaped marketeers because we can’t maintain being only on one trajectory. I think the industry itself is challenging us with better understanding of data, better understanding of technology, better understanding of marketing, and creativity, and they all go hand in hand.” – 11:04 – Rumyana Miteva


“Training and development is key. I think we hire individuals that are curious and passionate about digital marketing. It’s constantly evolving and changing. So we need to have the right resources and context to keep up to date with the latest trends.” – 15:06 – Rumyana Miteva