Candidate Case Study – Lucy Tsyrenzhapova (Performance Marketer)

With over five years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Lucy had spent time working for agencies such as Merkle Periscopix and Zenith and for 18 months had been running her own business as a consultant working for several clients.


However, Lucy wanted to take her career in a new direction, by joining a high growth, client-side company in a specific Paid Media position.


Having applied to an open vacancy worked by Acquire, Lucy encountered Founder & Recruitment Director, Alex Marriner.


What made you choose to work with Acquire Digital Talent initially, and what has influenced you to continue the relationship?


“Alex is a very professional person who is always willing to help. He took my preferences into account and didn’t send me roles that didn’t fit the criteria.


Sometimes recruitment companies ghost you or fail to communicate correctly, while Acquire Digital Talent never did such thing: I always received all the information I needed on time.


You can tell when someone enjoys what they do, and I know that people at Acquire fall into this lucky category. That’s why you enjoy working with them, too.”


What have been the most significant benefits you have received from working with Acquire Digital Talent? 


“A job that fits all of the criteria and more! The feedback provided promptly helped me improve my interview skills and learn from mistakes.”

How has Acquire Digital Talent and our services helped you reach your career goals?


“Continuous feedback, communication and taking my preferences seriously.”


What is it like to work with Acquire Digital Talent?


“It’s a pleasure 😊. It’s possible you won’t be offered the first job you apply to but if you’re ready to take the feedback on board and persevere, I believe Acquire Digital Talent won’t have a problem finding the right fit for you.


I think Alex goes the extra mile in everything he does when it comes to recruitment, be it finding the right opportunities, adapting to your personal situation, providing feedback, negotiating the right package. Plus, building a relationship with a candidate and individual approach. A new job card with congratulations was a nice extra touch.”


Would you recommend Alex Marriner & the Acquire Digital Talent team?


“I’d definitely recommend Alex and Acquire to anyone looking for a new exciting opportunity and want to work with some of the best experts in digital marketing recruitment.”



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