Dealing with Digital Marketing during Covid-19…with Sumitra Balakrishnan

HealthTech is booming right now and a very exciting space to be in.

Recently I was lucky enough to sit down with the Global Performance Marketing Director at KRY / LIVI, Sumitra Balakrishnan.

During our virtual 10-minute catch up I was keen to understand how the global pandemic has altered her Digital Marketing plans, what opportunities and threats she’s faced due to Covid-19, and what it’s really like to onboard new starters remotely.

If you work within Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, HealthTech, or just keen on the Tech space in general, this is a must-watch!

Click the play button below:

Dealing with Digital Marketing during Covid-19...with Sumitra Balakrishnan

Alex Marriner (Founder & Recruitment Director)

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