Championing working culture for successful international marketing campaigns with Founder & Owner of Fatum Expediendi LLC, Janina Siede – Episode 5

When it comes to marketing campaigns on an international scale, a measured approach to cultural differences is key, a fact not lost on Janina Siede, a Senior Performance Marketing Leader with a palette of experiences from both sides of the pond we call the Atlantic Ocean. 

As Founder & Owner of Fatum Expediendi LLC, Janina understands the various nuances of working culture internationally. On episode 5 of the Scale of One to Tech podcast Alex Marriner learns how life on the East and West coast of America can differ drastically, the disparity of work culture and cost of education between Europe and the States, and how to improve the chances for success with your international marketing campaigns.


This episode covers

  • Differences between marketing in the UK and US
  • Comparing working cultures on the East and West Coast
  • Educational barriers to entry for entry-level jobs
  • Utilising iOS’s large US market share
  • Adapting marketing campaigns to cultural differences

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Episode highlights:


“A lot of the places on the West Coast of America would offer something like unlimited PTO or holidays. Something like unlimited holidays is a concept that the East Coast hasn’t yet really embraced as much as the West Coast.” – 4:34 – Janina Siede


“In terms of working culture, I would say there’s a lot more emphasis on driving results, producing results and working towards the goals given to you on the US side. I’m not saying that this isn’t happening in London, but I did feel a lot more pressure in the roles that I had on the US side.” – 6:45 – Janina Siede


“Just like the person giving you the job has the opportunity to say ‘Hey, this isn’t working out, let’s leave it at that’, the same is true for me as a worker. I could, if I wanted to, say ‘Hey, this isn’t working out. I’m leaving’. And there’s no such thing as a notice period, for the most part.” – 8:58 – Janina Siede


“Even in the English speaking world, there’s always the awareness in the UK that just because you use the same language in Ireland and the UK, there’s a difference in culture that needs to be considered and approached. Whereas in the US, there’s much less emphasis on thinking of it from a global perspective.” – 11:41 – Janina Siede


“Not only are degrees required for even the most entry level positions, but a degree in the US is just so much more expensive than a degree in Europe. My husband and I always joke that the amount of money I spent on my degree in Germany is roughly what he spent on one quarter for his two year degree in a community college in the US.” – 16:35 – Janina Siede


“I was hoping to be able to look for folks that had some work experience, had the ability to maybe do some internships, but didn’t necessarily have a degree. I was told that unfortunately, that’s not how things work. So I was pretty much given the requirement that you have to hire somebody with a four year degree – that’s definitely a limiting factor.” – 18:26 – Janina Siede


“In the US, iOS has a market share of about 60%. Whereas in Europe, it only has about 30%. So if you’re an app-first company, then focusing on iOS first will definitely allow you to get a bigger market share in the US.” – 21:14 – Janina Siede


“10 years ago, you didn’t really have that many players and platforms in the digital world that you could necessarily choose from. Now, pretty much every other year you have a new platform to try out. Just this year Tik Tok became the big new thing to test as a marketing platform and as an ad platform.” – 29:38 – Janina Siede


“Just because something works in London, that doesn’t necessarily mean it works in the US. So being mindful of the cultural differences and the cultural nuances is, in my opinion, critical for any marketing campaign.” – 33:58 – Janina Siede