Does a Remote Hiring Process Actually Work?

Can you really have a successful, end to end recruitment process that’s 100% remote?




For companies still in a position to hire, one factor putting hiring managers off will be that they won’t have any ‘flesh time’ with proposed candidates, which could be quite an alien experience.

However, unless you’re preparing to just stand still over upcoming weeks and months, hiring whilst working remotely is your only option.


But you shouldn’t fear it. In fact over the last month, I’ve placed a handful of Digital Marketing candidates who went through all stages of the recruitment process via video and have even joined their new employers whilst working from home.


Here’s what some of them had to say about the experience…


Anna, Performance Marketing Executive (newly hired candidate)

“I have found the onboarding into my new role remotely, surprisingly straight forward and candid. I felt the process of video interviews offered the same strengths as a face to face interview but slightly less stressful! There is no need to panic about travelling to an interview or being late! I also felt that the hiring process was slightly quicker and the communication between all parties was great too. Overall I found the remote process simple and fun!”


Lucy, Performance Marketing Manager (newly hired candidate)

“I found it quite similar to the normal face to face interviews. I think the only thing that differs is not being able to visit the office and gain a better feel and understanding of what the company is like, as well as meet other members of the team. That said, it depends on the company as in my experience you don’t always get to meet the wider team even if you attend a series of face to face interviews.”


Nat, Head of Performance Marketing (hiring manager)

“I found it surprisingly easy to adapt to a remote hiring process, technology means that video calls and screen sharing for presentations still allow for the connectedness of a normal interview. A big part for us is our office and company culture which candidates do miss out on getting a feel for, however, given the situation we are in, being able to instead talk about the way we have all adapted to home working and are managing to keep our culture alive is testament to that itself and hopefully shone through in our calls”


It can be done, it can be successful, and most importantly, you can still grow your business.


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