Exclusivity in recruitment…Who benefits?

Clue – EVERYONE involved. 

It’s certainly not just a favour to the recruiter as this way of working means everyone wins.

As a business, you secure greater time and commitment from the recruiter which has HUGE benefits that mean the odds of a quicker AND more successful hire increases dramatically. You also speak with fewer recruiters and therefore spend more time on your actual day job.

For candidates. Well, as it’s a single person going through the process, not only are the right people communicated with but they don’t get pissed off with your brand as they aren’t getting the same message from multiple recruiters. This increases the likelihood of a preferred choice candidate being bought to the hiring table.

And of course the recruiter. With less time spent looking over their shoulder and worrying about getting CV’s (many of which could be irrelevant) across to your inbox, they can approach the search in a more methodical way. They also know the likelihood of getting paid is far greater for time spent on your vacancy so it becomes less about finding anyone who can do the job and more about finding the best person in the market who won’t just do a great job but has the right qualities for your companies culture.

There is absolutely no benefit for a company to work on a multi-agency basis, EVEN if the position is urgent. In fact, the more urgent your requirement, the more you should be looking to partner with a recruiter exclusively!

What it does mean though is that time is needed up front by you to ensure you’re working with the right person for the job. You wouldn’t be so lazy to ask a plumber to fix your roof, so don’t get lazy with your recruitment strategy.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be!