Feeling frustrated with hiring? You’re not alone!

I’ve recently had many similar conversations with frustrated hiring managers, mainly within the DTC/D2C space.


The frustration? Good ol’ Talent Acquisition.


Many high growth, tech-driven direct-to-consumer companies have had an excellent last 12 months; some have smashed their targets out of the park. And with companies who experience a sharp rise in sales comes a need to recruit more talent.


Hearing about the millions of people on furlough, unemployed, and needing work, these leaders set up job ads with the thought ‘this hiring lark will be a walk in the park’.


As two weeks start to roll into one month and the 2nd month approaches, many are left stumbled on why their position is still vacant.


They’re all saying the same thing. “I’m getting lots of applications, more than ever before. But they don’t have the niche skills and background I’m looking for.”

And this is where the issues come about…


Many successful DTC startup and scaleups are keen to bring talent in from similar types of businesses. With the thought processes, they will understand the market/business model much quicker. I can understand that logic.


However, if your business has had an excellent 2020, perhaps the companies you’re looking to extract this talent from have also had an excellent 2020. Therefore, those with niche Digital & Growth market skills are not the individuals you hear about being made redundant or readily available.


D2C companies that have had a phenomenal year are holding onto their top assets harder than ever before.


Sitting on an inbound recruitment strategy for niche talent is not the way you’ll hire the best Digital & Growth Marketing talent in 2021.


This is why The Acquire Method has been so successful for our partners and will continue to produce top results.


If you’re a frustrated hiring manager in need of niche, critical, senior, or strategic Digital & Growth Marketing talent, you require a new Talent Acquisition strategy. Contact me today to learn more about The Acquire Method and how it could solve your leadership recruitment challenges.


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