Harnessing Network Effect & Product-Led Innovation with Nude CMO Yoann Pavy – Episode 20

You’d be lucky to acquire the experience of joining one unicorn in your marketing career, but between Deliveroo and Depop, Yoann Pavy has the lessons from two of the largest.

Now taking his expertise to an innovative FinTech startup in the form of Nude, Yoann joins Alex on the Scale of One to Tech podcast to demystify network effects, and the overused buzzword of ‘growth marketing’. 


We also hear the challenges of creating content native to new platforms, how business size affects the skillset you need as a marketing leader, and much more!


This episode covers

  • Yoann’s experience at two unicorn startups, with roles at Deliveroo and Depop before their most prolific years
  • The role of marketing in a business’s overall efforts to highly focus their product/service
  • Nude’s achievements to date, and their success on Apple’s App Store
  • Network effects, and using a product-led approach to convert customers into advocates
  • The challenge of being more native when creating content for specific channels & platforms


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Episode highlights:


“I was doing paid social for Deliveroo, so that was my background really, doing Facebook ads and then moving on to other social platforms as they became what they became with Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and so on.” – 6:20 – Yoann Pavy


“There’s an interesting development in FinTech these days between people who want to become super apps to do everything and anything, and going more niche and growing from that niche. That’s what I like about Nude. I think there is a very nice mission behind it.” – 8:50 – Yoann Pavy


“Our app is fundamentally different from most of the FinTech apps out there. The look is different, the way we approach the features and UX is really unique. I think UX is really important for Apple when they talk about apps – it needs to be beautiful and well done.” – 14:40 – Yoann Pavy


“When suddenly you’re so far away from the execution, you’re really managing managers and their team. I think that’s a different set of skills when you work for bigger, larger organisations.” – 18:45 – Yoann Pavy


“We have a feature which allows you to team up with your partner, across two accounts without being a joint account (because we know it could be a sensitive topic between couples), and as we enable this kind of thinking, it does bring an extra layer of network effect within your audience. If everyone does it, you’ve got exponential growth right there. Obviously, not everyone does that, but that’s why you need more. That’s what I liked about Nude.” – 24:40 – Yoann Pavy


“I think growth has been used as a buzzword. To be honest with you, that’s why I never really called myself titles like Chief Growth Officer or whatever. I think growth comes from an organisation standpoint, it’s cross-functional.” – 27:45 – Yoann Pavy


“I think there’s still a massive transition into being more native when it comes to creating content for brands. A good example for that is TikTok. It’s still a challenge, including for me, to navigate what should be the best strategy for us as a brand to go into this platform and make the most of it outside of ads.” – 37:15 – Yoann Pavy