HelloFresh, Bella & Duke and Finisterre’s CMOs on Staying Competitive in the D2C Market: Luis Lacerda, Tushar Kaul and Franky Athill – Season 2 Episode1

Welcome back to the Scale of One to Tech podcast, returning for a stellar series 2!

Kicking things off strong with a focus on the D2C world, we’re joined by three fantastic CMOs – HelloFresh’s Luis Lacerda, Finisterre’s Franky Athill and Bella & Duke’s Tushar Kaul.

In this premiere of the new series, find out what distinguishes communities from an audience, why attribution should be your #1 priority, the secrets to efficient performance marketing in the face of waning consumer confidence, and much more…


This episode covers

  • Staying competitive through economic turbulence and downturns in consumer confidence
  • Why community building is vital, and distinctions between community and audience
  • Paying attention to US markets as a testbed
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of performance marketing
  • Importance of a strong attribution model


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Episode highlights 


“Marketing isn’t the solution to growth, but it is a useful part of it. The basic building blocks of the customer experience are the building blocks of growth, and marketing’s one of the tools in the toolbox. You’re right in your question to imply that it’s not all down to the marketing team.” – 9:30 – Franky Athill 


“Those brands who are forward-thinking and looking at aligning themselves with other partnerships, adding more value to the customer proposition for the same price, and demonstrating to them that they get a lot from their current subscription package, I think those are the brands will be really successful at the at the end of this.” – 11:15 – Tushar Kaul 


“The challenges in terms of having a strong presence is to understand what kind of content will resonate with the brand’s audience, which will imply testing different formats, different approaches, and measuring those. Once they identify that, they’ll have a second challenge, which is how to build these kinds of content efficiently.” – 16:05 – Luis Lacerda


“Most people say community when they mean audience. An Instagram following is not a community, it’s just an audience. It’s just normal marketing, you don’t need a new name for that, and most brands who say they have a community don’t actually have a community, they have an audience.” – 20:05 – Franky Athill 


“We are already in the downturn of consumer confidence, we’ve already felt it. Some of the tactics we’re bringing in focus around doing less, better. That’s more of a strategy than a tactic, but that leads to tactical decisions.” – 27:00 – Franky Athill 


“I think companies need to have a really, really good understanding of their marketing profitability. That’s really important, and the first step within that is to have either a strong attribution model, or maybe even more than one attribution model. ” – 30:20 – Luis Lacerda


“Good high performance teams or heads of growth look at the promotional discount strategy not in isolation, but looking at what is required from a channel perspective, because each channel has its own respective role to play. ” – 33:30 – Tushar Kaul 


“You can never beat Heinz at ketchup because of the brand, and that’s phenomenally interesting to me. Someone can always make a more functionally better product than yours in the very long term, but if you build a fantastic brand, they can’t beat it. ” – 36:05 – Franky Athill 


“I still believe that attribution is probably at the core of running a marketing activity in the 21st century. That’s something I think businesses really should strive to invest in and have a strong model in place.” – 42:45 – Luis Lacerda