Hiring five star growth marketers for effective scaling with Growth Marketing Advisor and Founder at Kurve, Oren Greenberg – Episode 9

With an almost immeasurable series of variables that come with setting up a growth framework, there are numerous, invaluable lessons to learn from the experience that Oren Greenberg has amassed, nurturing massive growth in startups and corporates alike.

From the considerations of building in-house functions vs enlisting the specialisms of an agency to identifying the right skills in budding growth marketers, and much more, we hear from Oren – a Growth Marketing Advisor and Founder of Kurve – on the next, insightful episode of the Scale of One to Tech podcast.


This episode covers

  • The varying experiences advising in scaleups vs corporate environments
  • Making a switch from traditional marketing to growth marketing
  • Qualities that make a great growth marketing team
  • Attributes of a good leader
  • Deciding between building an in-house team or considering agencies
  • How internal education becomes a block for marketeers
  • Whether to look for generalists or specialists



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Episode highlights:


“In scale ups you get a lot more learning and insight because they’re much more rapid, but it’s very chaotic. They’re learning all the time, they’re constantly self-disrupting, and they’re constantly trying to find the edge in what is usually a very competitive market.” – 3:15 – Oren Greenberg


“Another key aspect of growth marketing is really that it’s experiment-led, very data heavy, and comes from the roots of performance marketing, which is not the original roots of advertising and marketing.” – 5:00 – Oren Greenberg


“In some scaleups I’ve worked with, all of the growth came from SEO. So do you really want someone who’s managing that key growth channel primarily and doesn’t have the context to manage SEO properly, and gets that website banned?” – 9:50 – Oren Greenberg


“There are very different scale problems and very different levels of complexity. It looks as if it’s a linear journey because it’s numerical and therefore you can use the same mindset tools, team structures and tools – you can’t.” – 15:25 – Oren Greenberg


“How do you assess problem solving? How do you know this person is good at problem solving? Then you start asking what those assessments look like. Sometimes people say ‘I just whipped up this assessment last week’. How do you know that the questions you’re asking are the right questions?” – 19:00 – Oren Greenberg


“The key here is in traditional digital marketing versus growth marketing, it’s the company’s culture, and its attitude towards marketing and digital marketing. That’s the biggest problem. It’s that the non-marketeers have an outdated view of what marketing does.” – 26:25 – Oren Greenberg


“The number one most pivotal point is to make sure you’ve got the right people to run a growth framework. When I say the right people I mean people who understand how to run iterative experiments, they have the right skills, the right knowledge, the right experience.” – 35:15 – Oren Greenberg


“Juniors or generalists need training, support and upskilling to be able to deliver more value. It’s very rare that I see someone who’s 2-3 years into their marketing experience and smashing it, it’s just very, very unusual.” – 41:20 – Oren Greenberg


“There’s two types of missions and purposes that I’ve seen in businesses; There’s the ones who use it as a psychological narrative to give people meaning, and it’s just fluff. Unfortunately there’s a fair share of those. Then there’s businesses that are willing to compromise on business decisions that facilitate their growth because of their values, and these are more wholesome businesses.” – 46:45 – Oren Greenberg