Hiring managers….Now is the time to embrace Video Interviews

There was part of me that thought candidates would be put off by video interviewing but it seems it’s only those platforms that ask you a question and you have a certain time limit or number of tries to answer that they don’t like.

With so much video technology available to us nowadays like Facetime and Skype, most of us have got to a point where we’re fairly comfortable and used to being in front of or communicating via the camera.

The candidates within my network who I’ve spoken with about the services I’m offering those companies I’m partnering with have been extremely positive about getting the chance to be part of the video interview process in the future. They get that by saving hiring managers time, it will speed up the process for them, but they will also get the chance to portray themselves visually instead of being a faceless CV or hiding behind the phone.

Hiring managers of Digital Marketing talent in London, I’m talking to you. STOP the phone interviews. Whether you work with me or not, candidates are ready to embrace video interviews, so take this chance to embrace it too…