How many hours have you lost this year?

Picture the scene….

You’re a hiring manager responsible for Digital Marketing and looking to bring in the very best talent to your team, however, finding these gems has been extremely tough.

This time around you might be looking for an SEO Manager, a Head of Digital Acquisition or perhaps a VP of Performance Marketing, but you’ve found the market way tougher than you thought.


A few weeks pass and a trickle of decent looking CV’s come in. Finally, some solid candidates to be working with.


You take time to review the applicants and make the first move by inviting them in for an interview. At last, some progress.


Of course, the top candidates are working which means no one can make an interview earlier than 6 pm, so forget your social life this week, but you know a new starter is on the cards, so what’s 1 week of evenings down the drain.


CV’s look great, the right amount of experience, used similar software to the team, even previously worked in the same industry. These are going to be a ‘shoe-in’. The hardest part will be picking which candidate to hire!


The interview starts, you’re 5 minutes in. You quickly conclude this applicant is a definite no, no but you can’t wrap up so soon in. Chances are they’ll be writing you the worst Glassdoor review by the morning if you do. In the end you give them 1 hour, 55 minutes longer than you should.


The next two are the same, and although you don’t quite make it to the hour mark, it’s still another 1.5 hours of time you could have spent socialising with friends, relaxing with your partner, or even spending quality time with the kids before they go to bed.


Does this sound familiar?

OK, perhaps 3 in a row might be pushing it but the number of interviews hiring managers are involved with over the course of a year that in hindsight wouldn’t have lasted longer than 10 minutes, means far too much time is wasted.


But what if there was a way that would ensure this scenario never happened again. It can’t, right?



Working in partnership with Acquire Digital Talent on a retained basis means we guarantee you won’t waste another minute in a completely irrelevant interview. We do this by using video technology.


Once we have an agreed shortlist of candidates, let’s say between 3-5, those candidates will be taken through a short video interview with us and asked a select number of questions around background, culture, experience etc. All of these agreed by us from the outset.


After the interviews have been completed, they will be available for you to view on your very own specific portal, unique to you and your vacancy. These can then be watched on your PC at work, laptop at home, or even on your mobile device whilst on the commute to or from the office. Alongside the video interview will be a copy of their CV to scan through.


The use of traditional methods alongside new technology means you get a visual on applicants’ early doors, whilst understanding how they come across to certain key questions before taking valuable time out of your day to meet with them in person.

By using this method of recruiting you are guaranteeing those you do invite for an in-person interview are in-line with what you want.

True, you might not have the budget to hire them all, but at least you’ll be assured the time spent interviewing, will be time well spent.


To learn more about working in this way with Acquire Digital Talent on your next Digital Marketing vacancy, contact us today.