How much is your time worth?

About 5, maybe 6 years ago there was a time when you could post a half decent job ad, contact 50-100 relevant candidates on LinkedIn and you’d probably get around 3-5 decent applicants, with 1 getting the job. Hey presto.

Fast forward to 2018, nearly 2019 and how things have changed.

It was only a matter of time. Once it worked, the world and his wife were going to jump on the bandwagon.

Nowadays everyone, and I mean everyone from the CEO of a company down to the middle managers and even the trusted cleaners get bombarded on a weekly basis with people (not just recruiters) trying to sell them something on LinkedIn and other social channels.

I can only speak about my experience in Digital Marketing as that’s the niche I’ve been recruiting in, but this area like many others is a candidate driven market. Yup, the demand outweighs the supply so candidates (the very good ones) are in the driving seat. Couple this with the fact many of our EU friends are leaving due to the B word (I’m so bored of it I can’t even write it) means getting a couple of solid applicants from the numbers above is tough going.

As a specialist recruiter for the last 8 years I’ve built up a large, but very niche network of digital marketing professionals in London and across Europe, so that’s a good start. But companies looking to hire directly don’t have this luxury, plus they require more than just a specialist with a large network nowadays.

So what can we do that’s different?

Acquire Digital Talent is focusing on 2 areas to buck the trend and supply our customers with the best digital marketing talent across acquisition, engagement, and retention roles.

Firstly the good old job ad. For far too long it’s been acceptable to post boring job specs that get results. Job specs are a great thing to give an interested candidate but should not be mixed up with an enticing advert. By working in an exclusive partnership with our customers we spend time upfront understanding not just what they want but who they are in order to write ads that will open the mind to even the ardent non-mover. Even passive candidates browse job ads but did your ad do enough to tempt them into a conversation?

Secondly, we look to use technology. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, video is everywhere. So, why would a top candidate on LinkedIn with a rare and unique skill set, who you’d love to have the chance to engage with, want to read the same old, long winded, written InMail? People’s time has always been precious but attention spans in the digital world are lightning fast. You need to engage and engage quickly. Therefore, instead of the old school generic way of the standard InMail to 50+ candidates, once we identify suitable individuals, we create bespoke and tailored intro videos to each of them which is resulting in far higher engagement rates.

There are lots of things you could look to do directly. Perhaps these are 2 things you could implement quite quickly. But do you have the time? The network? The technology? The know how?

Time is money and your time is precious. You could do it yourself OR leave it to an expert?

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