How The Iceberg Will Improve Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

“We can’t seem to hire the right people into our business”.


Can you relate to this?


It’s a statement I often hear. Especially during the last 12 months.


Contrary to popular belief, Digital & Growth Marketers with niche, highly-sought-after skills are harder to hire than ever before.


They’re being closely held onto by their employers, and many are unsure of making a move in such an unstable market.


Not being able to hire the right talent is a big frustration for all types of companies. It results in wasted time, money, and resource. 3 commodities that for some, are already thin on the ground.


Perhaps you’re not exploring enough of the Iceberg. Let me explain…


In most cases, you find the companies who’ve been unsuccessful in hiring share a common theme. Nothing to do with salary, benefits, or culture, but the recruitment strategy they decide on…Contingent recruitment services. The no-win, no-fee service that has no commitment from either side.

Think about the Iceberg for a moment. Just like the picture, only roughly 30% is on show, above water. Just like any given talent pool, only 30% is active.


This means there’s only 30% that will respond to LinkedIn messages or emails. But that leaves a huge 70% of the talent pool not engaged with.


Contingency recruitment promotes a race like approach to the process, meaning time is of the essence and the recruiter(s) you work with don’t have your commitment, the time or bandwidth to carry out a rigorous and robust process that’s required.


You end up hiring from the 30%, when in fact your best hire would have required more time and engagement than ever before.


So how do you change this?


One solution for hiring Digital & Growth Marketing leaders is ‘The Acquire Method’. It’s a methodical search process that ensures you hire from the best talent in the market, not just those who are readily available. A solution derived from Executive Search, but quicker, leaner and more cost-effective.


Clients that try this way of working, rarely go back to contingent.


Why not try it for yourself. Email Alex Marriner on to schedule a call.