How To Conduct a Video Interview

Modern video conferencing and communications technologies are much more advanced than they used to be, which has opened up a number of new possibilities when it comes to using video calling during the recruitment process.

Acquire Digital Talent uses video interviews throughout the recruitment process. We include video interviews with potential candidates for our clients that augment their CVs and bring their applications to life for you.

With our partnership program, you don’t have to pay for any additional technology – a video applicant tracking system is included as standard. As well as providing video interviews to help you select candidates, we also provide you with software that enables you to conduct your own video interviews. We will even provide you with a unique, company-branded secure log-in to use.

The Benefits Of Video Interviews

Video interviews can enhance the recruitment process in a number of different ways. For example, the use of remote video interviews can significantly shorten the interview process. This is enormously beneficial, as our research shows that 60% of potential candidates end up abandoning the process because it takes too long to complete.

We have also found that the use of video as part of the recruitment process can reduce the average interview to placement ratio from 9:1 to 3:1, as well as reducing the overall time to hire new recruits by 70%.

Video interviews are also an effective way of checking whether applicants are the right fit culturally for your business. According to Business Insider, 75% of all hiring managers identify this as a key consideration during the hiring process.

Finally, a video interview lasting just five minutes can provide the same benefits as a 200-question written assessment, according to One Touch Video Chat.

Decide On Your Key Criteria

Before you begin the interview process, you should establish what your key criteria are. These are the things that you are looking for in every candidate you consider, the essential skills that they need to excel at as employees of your business. If you don’t know what you are looking for going in, you are going to have a hard time evaluating candidates effectively.

Give Candidates Notice

Potential candidates also need time to prepare for their interview. Make sure that you give them plenty of notice, so they are able to present their best side to you when the time comes. If there is any documentation that you want them to share before or during their interview, this also ensures they have time to get it in order.

Eliminate Background DIstractions

You don’t want anything to distract you or your interviewee during the interview; this is detrimental for both them and you. Make sure that you aren’t going to be interrupted during the video interview and that you have somewhere quiet to talk to the candidate.

Dress As You Would For An In-Person Interview

Just because you aren’t going to be meeting face to face, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be willing to put in the effort when it comes to your appearance. Just like a regular interview, the way that you conduct yourself during a video interview will reflect on you and your business. If you want the best candidates on offer to consider working for your business, you want to create the best impression possible.

Maintain Eye Contact With The Camera

Maintaining eye contact is important when you are talking to someone in a regular face to face interview and it is just important when you are conducting a remote video interview. Try to avoid looking around your computer screen and keep your eyes on the camera as much as possible.

Test Your Tech Before You Begin

In order to reduce the chances of unforeseen technical issues causing problems for you during your video interview, take the time to test all of your text before you begin. If you are planning on using screen sharing or similar technology to share files during the interview, try these out beforehand and make sure that they are working properly.

Prepare Your Questions Beforehand

Once you know what you are looking for in potential candidates, you can then formulate the questions that you need to ask to get at the relevant information. Taking the time beforehand to think about what you want to ask will make the whole interview process smoother. It will also enable you to develop a standardized approach that you can use for all of the candidates you interview.

Take Advantage Of Screen Sharing

In a face-to-face interview, you can ask a candidate to bring in documents and other supporting evidence that will help their application. With a video interview, it might initially seem like there is no way of effectively sharing important documents between you and the candidate. However, by using screen sharing technology, you can easily exchange digital documents with applicants.

Maintain Your Professionalism

Just because the candidate is not in the room with you when you are conducting your video interview, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to behave professionally. You should always assume that any candidates you interview have already interviewed with one of your competitors. It is, therefore, important that you show your business in the best possible light.

You should speak and act the same way that you would in a regular face-to-face interview. It is good to be relaxed as an interviewer, as this will put the candidate at ease as well. Just make sure that you don’t relax too much and that you maintain a professional and attentive demeanour.

Devise A Feedback Process

Whether a candidate is the right fit for your business or not, their feedback can prove invaluable in helping you to refine your interviewing process. It can be hard to put yourself in the shoes of an interviewee and see the process from their perspective, so their feedback is essential.

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