How To Find The Right Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency In London To Work With

There are loads of marketing recruitment agencies in London today, so choosing the right one for your business isn’t always easy. Choosing a recruitment agency, one that you can work and communicate with easily, will make a significant difference to the quality of the end results. Digital marketing recruitment in London can be complicated if you don’t know where to begin, and the best marketing recruitment agencies in London can produce much more reliable results than handling recruitment on your own.

Decide What Type Of Worker You Are Looking For

The first thing that you will need to decide before you can begin whittling your potential options down to a single choice is what type of worker you are looking for.

  • Are you looking to hire someone on a temporary basis so they can come in and help your business navigate through the waters it is already in?
  • Or are you looking for a more long-term hire who is going to completely reshape your business and provide you with digital marketing services long into the future?

Digital marketing recruitment agencies can connect businesses with temporary or permanent staff, depending on your specific needs. Neither option is inherently better; it depends entirely on the specifics of your business and what it is that you want from your new digital marketing employee. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that a temporary worker is going to be lower quality than a full-time employee. Even the most talented digital marketers will go through slow periods and will sometimes be on the lookout for short-term opportunities. Hiring a talented digital marketer on a short-term basis can still end up having a long-term impact on your business.

If you aren’t sure which type of digital marketer is going to be the best for your needs, a recruitment agency can help you to identify what you need. There is no shortage of recruitment agencies operating in London. Finding the best one can be quite an involved process. One of the most important features to look for from a recruitment agency is a willingness to work with you to identify what you need.

Look To Other Businesses For Recommendations

Do you know any other entrepreneurs or businesses who have experience using a London-based recruitment agency to hire digital marketers?  Ask them if they have any useful advice that they are willing to share. If you can find a recruitment agency that comes with a personal recommendation and seal of approval from someone you trust, you can approach them with confidence. If you are referred to them by an existing client, they might be willing to offer you and whoever referred you some freebies and other benefits.

Even if you don’t personally know any businesses who have used the services of a digital marketing recruitment agency, it is still worth looking online for any reviews or experiences of using recruitment agencies, as reported by businesses who have the first-hand experience of using them. These direct accounts are a valuable source of information.

Begin By Compiling A Shortlist

Once you have identified exactly what it is that you are looking for, you can begin your search in earnest. When you start searching and consulting with other businesses, make sure that you make a note of any potential options that you encounter. The more clearly you understand exactly what it is that you are looking for, the easier you will find it to work your way through a shortlist and separate the possible choices from those that are going to be unrealistic for someone in your position.

Keeping a shortlist will also make things much easier if your first choice falls through for some reason – you can just return to your list and resume picking your way through it, instead of ferreting out a whole new set of leads. With a shortlist in hand, it is also much easier to work through your options and check them out properly.

Make Sure They Are REC-Certified

One of the first things that you should do when you are vetting a potential recruitment agency is to check their record with The Recruitment & Employment Confederation. REC members are certified as trustworthy and reputable recruiters. You can engage the services of a REC member without having to worry about whether they’re a legitimate outfit or not.

Acquire Digital Talent is a registered REC member and we have a considerable amount of experience in identifying and recruiting digital marketers for key roles within existing businesses. We are one of the best marketing recruitment agencies in London, specialising in recruiting people for tech start-ups, high growth businesses, and established brands, including digital marketers. Alex Marriner from Acquire has more than 10 years’ experience and he has helped professionals around the globe find work with tech start-ups and other high-growth businesses.

As an agency, Acquire Digital Talent has been able to reduce the time to hire for many London-based clients by as much as 40%. Our already-established networks and pre-existing market knowledge gives us a significant advantage and enables us to connect businesses with the right digital marketing recruits as quickly as possible. We are also able to handle emerging market recruitment in London for businesses catering to niche audiences.

Most recruitment agencies are only able to submit an applicant’s CV via email. However, at Acquire Digital Talent, we conduct remote video interviews with potential recruits to ensure that every applicant we suggest is ideally suited for the role in question before hiring managers meet them in-person.

Define What You Want And Who You Want

If you don’t know what you want from new recruits of what kind of recruits you are looking for, recruitment agencies will only be able to help you so much. They can offer you advice about what kind of worker you can benefit the most from hiring, but they cannot read minds and they aren’t going to be able to conjure the perfect recruit up out of nowhere. The more clearly you are able to define the kind of worker you are looking for, the simpler it becomes to sift through your shortlist for suitable digital marketing recruitment in London – and the more likely it is that they will ultimately be able to help you.

There is no shortage of marketing recruitment companies in London. Finding the right specialist marketing recruitment agencies in London is essential if you want to achieve the best possible results.


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