How To Hire Digital Marketing Talent In The Future

Having spent 1000’s of hours over the last 10 years speaking with a host of candidates and clients about the ins and outs of Digital Marketing recruitment, I set up Acquire Digital Talent with the following goal in mind:


To provide a high-quality service by working together with my clients in a true partnership model, with both parties being open, honest and respectful.


In order to do this, I truly believe that whenever you engage with a recruiter, you will only receive a truly superior service by engaging them on a retained basis. Here’s why I believe that and what we do to achieve it:


  • We submit suitable candidates to you with a short video interview to accompany their CV, so you can save time upfront by checking they have the right cultural fit and communication skills for the role and your business.


  • Access to talent. Ok, so you’ve been told 100’s of times by different recruiters, ‘I have 5k in my network’, ‘I have 15k in my network’. Well to be fair, I personally have over 20k, but that’s not the point. Everyone has ‘access’ to LinkedIn nowadays, so that’s not a benefit like it once was. However, when was the last time they told you they run invite-only WhatsApp groups for Senior Digital Marketing experts in different areas such as CRM, Performance Marketing, Growth Marketing, and even those who operate as CMO. That’s when you know you’re working with a niche expert!


  • Length of my experience. As I eluded to before, I’ve been doing this recruitment gig for quite some time, specifically within the area of Digital Marketing. 10 years in fact, and that’s a lot of placements and situations I’ve dealt with that you’re getting experience of. No rookie’s working your role. I like to think that actually counts for quite a lot!


  • Bad hires cost you BIG. In the current climate, each hire will be closely scrutinised to ensure its’ right. You don’t have room to get this wrong! On top of the potential negative impact on employee morale and productivity, it can cost you in the pocket too! Up to 5 times a bad hires salary.


  • Enhanced security through extended rebates. Working with me on a retained basis means I know we will not only find you what you want but that they will be exceptional. That’s why I’m happy to extend our rebate period to cover a pretty lengthy 6 months!


  • Get the first refusal over talent in the process. By working on a retained basis ultimately means the candidates sourced are for you, and you only. They won’t be shared with anyone else until you decide otherwise. Greater opportunity to secure your preferred choice candidate.


The additional value you receive by working in this way will be huge, plus I bet it won’t cost you much different (if anything) to what you pay now!


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