How to Improve The Grade of Your Next Digital Marketing Vacancy

Do you know the definition of the word ‘Contingent’?


It’s subject to chance.


The definition of ‘Chance’ is…


a possibility of something happening.


A possibility?!


It can also be referred to as fluky, lucky, at random.


Are these the words you want to be associated with when you go about hiring in-demand, niche Digital Marketers?


I’m pretty certain 99% of responses will be ‘NO!’


Growing a successful tech startup/scaleup might include an element of luck, but you don’t become a highly successful business through sheer fluke and luck!


Let’s dive deeper into the world of contingent recruitment.


Do you know your grade?


Are you an A job or a D job?

Do you know the difference between the two?


Contingent recruiters work on a risk to reward basis. Therefore, each vacancy they take on is graded to warrant how much time can be allocated to each.


So you’ve got a reliable brand name, the job is fillable, you offer an excellent salary, strong glassdoor reviews, and you work with your recruiter exclusively. Well done, you get an A and chances are, the majority of time will be spent on your vacancy.


Lose a few of the attributes above and start to fall down the ladder.


Worse still, open the role to multiple recruiters, and you start to plummet.


You believe you’re getting a better spread of the market, but you’re diluting the commitment from each recruiter you work with.


Would you prefer something more concrete, certain, positive, assured?


Now, these sound like better words, right!


That comes by truly partnering with your recruiter and goes beyond just being exclusive—a way in which you are guaranteed the best possible result.


That is only achievable through retained recruitment. And for those who think it’s reserved for senior hires, is wrong.


It’s not dependent on the level of hire. It’s about a process that guarantees results.


So, how are you planning on hiring your next Digital Marketing employee?


Feeling lucky or wanting a guaranteed result…


For those who want the latter, get in touch with Alex Marriner by emailing