How Urban Jungle & Marshmallow Cut Through an ‘Un-sexy’ Insurance Industry with Marketing Director, Laura Woodhead and VP of Marketing, Sam Knott – Episode 5

Very few of us wake up excited to buy insurance, so how do you cut through in a market awash with apathy? It’s that unique challenge that’s so rewarding to Laura Woodhead and Sam Knott.

As Urban Jungle’s Marketing Director & Marshmallow’s VP of Marketing, respectively, we hear from Laura & Sam how they found vision and purpose in InsurTech and their lessons from key failures.


We also dive into the ‘unnecessary nonsense’ in our industry’s hiring processes, plus the power of embracing new channels.


This episode covers:

  • The challenge of attracting interest in an inherently ‘unsexy’ industry
  • How the cost of living crisis and Covid has affected marketing strategies
  • Sam & Laura’s biggest mis-steps and learnings throughout their careers
  • Key frustrations and ‘unnecessary nonsense’ within the hiring process
  • Why we shouldn’t write off new marketing channels as fads


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Episode highlights


“The marketing challenge of insurance is the fact that it’s so unsexy. Noone’s waking up in the morning like ‘I’m so excited it to buy my insurance’, which means that it’s a more exciting thing to market because you’ve got to get over that challenge.” – 9:50 – Laura Woodhead


“My biggest regret, I think two months into the role, was probably not asking a lot of questions in terms of what we want our future audience and product to be, and not being 100% clear on that before pulling the trigger.” – 17:50 – Sam Knott 


“It’s always a bit weird when people write things off as a fad. Every other social media platform at the moment has turned into TikTok. So even if TikTok somehow disappeared, Instagram is now TikTok. The way that they’ve managed to capture human attention and keep people on that platform is insane.” – 25:40 – Laura Woodhead


“I just find it really difficult to translate what a VP here might be, an associate there might be, growth marketing vs performance marketing – there’s a lot of unnecessary nonsense there.” – 33:35 – Sam Knott 


“Across the whole spectrum of marketing, someone that is just interested in humans is a key quality. Someone who says, ‘Why don’t we think about it this way? That’s not going to make sense for this person’. That curiosity is probably key.” – 40:45 – Laura Woodhead


“Our biggest market is growing. It’s really depressing to be part of that economic climate and living in the conditions that we’re in. But at the same time, it makes our purpose and our value and our mission even more important than ever.” – 45:20 – Sam Knott