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Posted 2 months ago

Don’t question me!!


It’s been drummed into us ever since we were children not to question authority.


That everything was done for our own good.


Yet, as adults, this thought process needs to be quickly reversed, however, in most cases, it isn’t. We take things at face value and trundle on.


But for the few who can re-engineer their thought process from childhood, it can be a very powerful and unique tool.


For those, it’s about questioning everything! Why do we run campaigns in these markets? Why do we use this budget for PPC yet not the same for Paid Social? Why is this landing page continually being used whilst yielding poor results?


This is the mindset that is required in tech start-ups and growth brands and in these environments, your inquisitive mind will flourish.


Not only in helping the business grow and develop, but allowing you to feel you have made an enormous contribution in the continued growth and success of this series A, VC backed business.


In terms of your channel experience, PPC and Paid Social will be at your core, however, with these being managed by agencies, this provides you with the time necessary to thrive in a test and learn environment, coming up with new experiments systematically.


You may have worked in a start-up environment before, yet this is not the must-have. This is having the mindset of always looking for ways to improve.


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