Leadership in the Hybrid Workplace with Trinny London’s CMO, Shira Feuer – Episode 14

Leadership is not the same as it was 12 months ago, regardless of industry – with the past year’s events CMOs have been forced to adapt to keep their teams collaborating effectively and their messages cutting through.

As CMO in a thriving D2C powerhouse, Trinny London’s CMO, Shira Feuer, is taking the pandemic in her stride, employing the incredible experience she’s amassed at giant brands like Burberry and The Walt Disney Company.


Join us as we discuss the differing approaches to marketing within massive scale companies and fast-growing startups, the need to continuously invest in culture, and hiring new team members who believe in your brand’s vision.


This episode covers

  • The biggest challenges facing CMOs in the coming year
  • Continuous investment in culture
  • Curating a community which posts more than marketing content
  • Brand marketing vs performance marketing at various growth stages
  • Major differences between large corporates and small, speedy startups

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Episode highlights


“I ended up getting 2 job offers on the same day after being unemployed for a few months. One was Display Advertising at a very well known agency, and the other was no-name agency, where the role was Online Marketing Executive and I was working on everything digital across the board. To this day that’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my career – I took the no-name job where I could learn.” – 4:30 – Shira Feuer


“It’s been a whirlwind over the last couple years; My team has tripled in size, the company has tripled in size, our revenues have tripled in size. It’s been a bit nuts, but it’s a company where I can really believe in what we’re doing. We don’t just sell makeup, we really push an ethos of women being their best and feeling their best.” – 8:05 – Shira Feuer


“For us, it’s a lot about owned content and our community. So we have something called the Trinny Tribe, which are these Facebook groups around the world with 10s of 1000s of women who come together and have a shared mindset, not just because they love the brand and Trinny but they have a lot of things in common. So all of that to us is building our brand.” – 14:35 – Shira Feuer


“Everybody is working together on everything, even when it’s teams that you wouldn’t expect, like the community team with the design team. I think we’re still working well because teams are so keen to work so closely together. It’s working well, but it takes a lot of coordination and a lot of effort to make sure that everybody’s still talking, especially when they’re working primarily remotely.” – 24:25 – Shira Feuer


“Being as honest and transparent as possible with the team is how you get your team to trust you and believe in your approach. I think that through turbulent times, for me that was really important. It’s always been important to me, but I think it’s even more so when you’re not seeing people in person all the time.” – 28:25 – Shira Feuer


“There’s lots of different types of candidates out there with different skill sets. For us, understanding the brand, but also having the skill for the particular role is key. That hasn’t changed. We wanted people who were really scrappy and self-motivated in the office – it doesn’t make any difference if they’re working at home. These are people who want to have really strong output, regardless of the environment they’re working in.” – 32:40 – Shira Feuer


“My old boss from Disney, Celine, is a real mentor to me to this day. As a manager, she cared in a way that I hadn’t really been exposed to before, which was really inspiring. She cared not only about my contributions to the business, but how I felt about things. That sounds very obvious, but I think it’s not always the most easy to find.” – 34:45 – Shira Feuer


“If you’re in a D2C business, and you’re focused on customer acquisition, how do you get that cut through in an efficient way? Obviously, it depends on your market, industry, and the products that you sell, but how do you continue to get that cut through when ultimately there is more noise as people are going back out in the world?” – 35:55 – Shira Feuer