Marketing Strategies to Beat the Recession with CMO’s at Hyperjar, Tymit and CIRCA5000, Amabel Polglase, Alessandro Onano and Abba Newbery – Episode 4

The new year demands a new approach to marketing in 2023, and one of the most hotly contested industries right now is FinTech, particularly in the B2C space.

Among the CMOs bringing their exciting services to life are Amabel Polglase (HyperJar, formerly at Facebook), Alessandro Onano (Tymit, formerly at Moneyfarm) and Abba Newbery (CIRCA5000, formerly at Habito).


We hear from these remarkable marketing leaders as they take us through their brands’ marketing strategies despite consumers’ lower disposable incomes, whether BCorp helps with consumer marketing, and fundraising millions amid the economic downturn.


This episode covers

  • The biggest changes to marketing strategies in 2022 and how they will inform the year ahead
  • New approaches since iOS 14’s effect on data collection
  • How becoming a CMO demands new skillsets for marketing professionals
  • Focusing on hiring for personality and attitude over raw talent
  • 2023’s greatest challenges and ambitions


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Episode highlights


“I believe that still people are struggling with their investments, their money, their payments, their savings, and Fintech is the solution to this problem.” – 8:10 – Alessandro Onano


“I think all FinTechs have seen this shift this year that, in order to raise really decent rounds of investment, you need to focus on revenue more than ever.” – 12:15 – Amabel Polglase 


“We’ve fixed our product journey to allow you to get through it further on the web and on desktop, rather than kind of force people into downloading the app. That’s been that’s been very useful for us and liberated us from constantly worrying about attribution.” – 17:05 – Abba Newbery 


“When you become a CMO, your stakeholders become non-marketing people so that has been probably the most shocking stuff. So you need to change the way you deal with them because they don’t speak your language.” – 19:20 – Alessandro Onano


“The rate at which businesses are becoming BCorps, I think we are in a situation where we need to make sure that it does not become greenwashing. It is an incredibly difficult piece of certification to get. I worry that the more it does get used in marketing, we’ll end up in a situation where people stop believing what you say, because so many people have said it.” – 27:35 – Abba Newbery 


“One of the things we did at Habito is dispense with CVs, and only recruited through competencies, through a series of questions that we thought were relevant to the role. You literally had no idea, you were completely blind to whether they even had any marketing experience. That was fantastically interesting for us.” – 32:35 – Abba Newbery 


“I think we’re all feeling the pressure of a possible recession, every company is. There’s not going to be as much growth and marketing spend next year, so adopting a data driven marketing strategy, and really ensuring that every effort is as impactful as possible, are the main challenges of 2023. ” – 37:30 – Amabel Polglase