Mastering the Recruitment Process: A Guide to Closing Candidates With A Job Offer

The recruitment process can be a complex and challenging journey for job seekers and hiring managers. It involves numerous hours of effort, strategic thinking, and effective communication.

In this blog, we will explore some tried and tested methods that have proven successful over my 13-year career, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, creating a sense of urgency, asking the right questions, and managing the post-offer stage effectively.



1, Work with your recruiter when delivering offers

Don’t go it alone. When extending a job offer, it’s essential to involve your recruiter. They possess valuable insights into candidates’ preferences, expectations, and potential negotiation points. By collaborating with your recruiter, you can ensure the offer is tailored to meet the candidate’s needs and maximize the chances of acceptance.


2, Create FOMO

Creating a sense of urgency in a competitive job market can be a powerful strategy. Highlight the unique aspects of the opportunity, emphasizing its exclusivity, growth potential, or any upcoming milestones. By instilling FOMO in candidates, you can generate excitement and motivate them to decide in your favour.


3, Ask silly questions

Do they even want the offer? During the negotiation process, it’s essential to genuinely gauge the candidate’s level of interest. Ask thought-provoking questions to ensure they are genuinely passionate about the position and the organization. This will help you filter out candidates who may be inclined to decline the offer or accept it half-heartedly.

4, Reaffirm their motivations for looking in the first place

Candidates often search for jobs due to specific motivations such as career growth, work-life balance, or a desire for new challenges. By reminding candidates of the reasons they started their job search, you can reignite their enthusiasm and reinforce the alignment between their goals and your offer.


5, Let’s talk numbers. Magic number. Walkaway. What’s the plan for the middle? 

When discussing compensation, it’s essential to understand the candidate’s expectations clearly. Identify their “magic number” (the compensation package that would make them ecstatic). Additionally, determine their “walk away” point, the threshold beyond which they would decline the offer. Lastly, explore the options for the “middle ground” to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached.


6, Cover the counteroffer

Counteroffers can pose a significant challenge in the recruitment process. Be proactive in discussing potential counteroffers with candidates, and emphasize the importance of evaluating their long-term goals and why they were initially open to exploring new opportunities. Help them assess the potential risks and benefits associated with accepting a counteroffer.


7, Once accepted, walk them through the handing in of resignation

Resigning from a current job can be an emotional and delicate process. Support your new hire by guiding how to professionally handle their resignation, including drafting a resignation letter, scheduling a meeting with their current employer, and maintaining a positive relationship throughout the transition.


8, Stay close during their notice period

The notice period is critical for the new hire to disengage from their current role and mentally transition into their new position. Offer support and maintain regular communication during this period, showing your commitment to their successful integration into the team. Consider inviting them to work socials or team events to facilitate early connections with colleagues.



Mastering the recruitment process requires careful planning, effective communication, and a collaborative approach. Treating it like a game of poker and not revealing your hand too soon can create an atmosphere of excitement and negotiation. Remember, recruiting is a team sport. Working closely with your recruiter and involving them in critical decisions will increase your chances of hiring success.


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