Navigating the D2C Landscape: CMO Insights Unveil Trends and Predictions for 2024

As we wrap up the year, we’ve delved into the insights of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) from various Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) companies across the US and UK. Their reflections on 2023 and their anticipations for 2024 offer a compelling narrative of adaptation and strategic evolution.



Key Takeaways:



A Key Shift Towards Profitability:

CMOs emphasized a pivotal shift toward profitability in 2023. Focusing on sustainable growth and a keen eye on the bottom line has redefined success metrics.



TikTok is a Growing Channel:

The meteoric rise of TikTok in 2023 captured the attention of D2C businesses. Despite its volatility, many CMOs acknowledged its growing influence, leading to considerations for tailored strategies in the coming year.



Upskilling Team Skills and Using AI for Productivity:

A noteworthy trend is the investment in upskilling marketing teams and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for enhanced productivity. The marriage of human expertise and technological innovation is reshaping marketing dynamics.



Google/Meta Core Channels but a Need to Diversify the Media Mix:

While Google and Meta remain core channels, there’s a growing recognition of the need to diversify the media mix. CMOs foresee a strategic expansion into emerging platforms to optimize reach and engagement.

Focus on Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships are gaining prominence in the D2C landscape. Collaborations with external entities, whether in retail or digital platforms, are viewed as instrumental in expanding market presence.



Attribution Challenges Remain:

Attribution challenges persist, complicating the measurement of marketing effectiveness. As the industry grapples with evolving privacy concerns, CMOs seek innovative solutions for accurate attribution.



Adjusting Strategies to Macro Changes:

Flexibility in strategy has been a prevailing theme. Adapting to macro changes, including economic shifts and global events, has been crucial for sustained growth.



Balancing Brand Building vs Conversion Driving Efforts:

Striking the right balance between brand-building and conversion-focused efforts emerged as a critical challenge. Successful CMOs are navigating this delicate equilibrium to build brand loyalty while driving immediate sales.



Moving from a Standard E-commerce to a Subscription Model:

A significant trend observed is the shift from traditional e-commerce to subscription models. This move emphasizes long-term customer relationships over one-off transactions, reshaping how D2C businesses approach customer acquisition and retention.



CMOs shared their optimism for 2024, averaging a 7.4 out of 10 score for D2C businesses incorporating a subscription element. However, businesses that were exclusively D2C scored lower at an average of 5.5 out of 10, reflecting the challenges companies face limiting themselves to a singular model.


As 2023 draws close, the D2C landscape is transformed by nimble adaptation and change. The prevailing sentiment among CMOs is one of cautious positivity. For D2C businesses with a subscription element, 2024 is anticipated to be a year of continued growth, but only time will unveil the full story.


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Alex Marriner

Founder & Managing Partner

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