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Becoming a market leader through bold, brave risk-taking with Head of Growth at “Feast It”, Curran Dye – Episode 1

There’s no doubting that the events sector has been hit hard in 2020. But it’s also inspiring to hear the stories of those that embraced uncertainty, pivoted quickly and adapted to new technologies to fight for survival. Someone leading this change is Curran Dye, the Head of Growth at “Feast It”, the UK’s leading event planning platform, currently 7 on the top 100 StartUps list and named the future of event catering by StartUps of…

Scale of One to Tech Podcast – trailer

Hello and thank you for joining me on the Scale of One to Tech. This is a monthly podcast for Senior Marketing Leaders and Executives from within the tech startup and scale-up space. Listen in Apple PodcastsListen in SpotifyListen in Google PodcastsThe Scale of One to Tech podcast is now 18 episodes deep and so far, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing leading Senior Marketing Executives from companies such as Appear Here, Trinny London, Molo…