Revolutionising Deliveroo’s paid search with Co-Founder and MD of WeDiscover, Byron Tassoni-Resch – Episode 6

The power of data science can convert your paid search strategy from a simple channel to a competitive advantage. You need look no further than Byron Tassoni-Resch’s effect on Deliveroo, whose ‘virtual neighbourhoods’ grew their paid search by a staggering 166%.

Driven by the motivation to solve interesting problems, Byron has founded his own paid search agency, WeDiscover. Forming in March 2020, arguably the most challenging time to do so, Byron shares some of the most challenging aspects of remotely selecting and onboarding talent. He also evaluates some of the better attribution models and paid search tools and strategies for startups and corporates alike, and explains the importance of tailored approaches to structuring a paid search campaign.


This episode covers

  • How Deliveroo boosted their paid search by 166%
  • Integrating automated campaigns and geotargeting
  • The growing impact of automation
  • Data science as a foundation for paid search strategies
  • Tailoring attribution models
  • Remote hiring and onboarding
  • Making paid search a competitive advantage


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Episode highlights


“Every time we entered a new neighborhood, our systems would automatically build a new campaign, automatically add the geo-targeting, and the manual workload that existed for the team in order to manage this kind of process of rapid expansion reduced, because it was all automated.” – 7:51 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“The realization that occurred for me at Deliveroo was that every business has unique, complicated problems that it’s trying to solve. And what we were able to Deliveroo with virtual neighborhoods and the automated solutions off the back of that is we solved a problem for them – the hyper-local nature of the business – and leverage paid search to enable growth.” – 9:39 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“At Deliveroo, the problems are so unique that some of the solutions that we’ve built are probably going to be relevant for maybe four or five companies in the whole world.” – 11:33 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“Our whole belief is that when you combine performance marketers – paid search experts in our case, people who deeply understand how it works and the platform – with data scientists and engineers, you are able to solve problems that other agencies just can’t solve. You unlock a secret sauce.” – 17:37 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“What we tell the majority of our clients is that there is no one size fits all. There is a solution that works for your business and finding that solution is going to be through experimentation. Ultimately, my personal belief is that there is no perfect attribution system.” – 24:00 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“The most successful paid search managers and practitioners that I see, really understand the business that they’re working in and tailor their campaigns and strategy around that.” – 26:18 – Byron Tassoni-Resch


“The way I like to think about paid search is that you really want it to be your competitive advantage, right? You want paid search to work so well that this flywheel that you generate off the back of it just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.” – 33:54 – Byron Tassoni-Resch