Hello and thank you for joining me on the Scale of One to Tech. This is a monthly podcast for Senior Marketing Leaders and Executives from within the tech startup and scale-up space.

The Scale of One to Tech podcast is now 18 episodes deep and so far, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing leading Senior Marketing Executives from companies such as Appear Here, Trinny London, Molo Finance, Popsa and Wild Cosmetics.

During each episode, you’ll get a better understanding as to what makes each CMO unique, peering into their past and learning about the journeys they’ve been on to become a C Suite Marketeer. We’ll also uncover how they’ve been successful but not forgetting the challenges they faced along the way that’s helped to shape them both personally and professionally.

I’m your host, Alex Marriner. I’m the Founder and Leadership Search Consultant at Acquire, a specialist leadership and executive search firm within the digital and growth marketing function that exclusively partners with PE and VC backed technology companies. I’ve had the opportunity to gain fascinating insights into the personal and professional lives of the very best CMOs and Marketing Directors.

I’ll share these stories with you which will hopefully go some way to help your own career path to onward success.

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