Standing Out in the World’s Most Important Industry with Flo Health CMO, Nick Lisher & PillSorted’s VP of Marketing, Chris Rushe – Episode 3

Everyone has experiences with health, therefore successfully navigating the sector opens up a huge potential for businesses utilising the latest in Health Tech.

Flo Health has grown from a period tracker to becoming an essential female health partner, and PillSorted is driving digital accessibility to pharmacy services, both driven by exciting advancements in the space.


Nick Lisher & Chris Rushe join us on this month’s Scale of One to Tech to break down the unique challenges in the sector, and how their committed marketing teams make waves in the most important industry in the world.


This episode covers

  • The compelling appeal of the HealthTech sector
  • Strategies to convey unique propositions to cut through the noise
  • Key hurdles appearing within HealthTech in the near future
  • Hiring eager, intrinsically driven marketeers to solve health challenges


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Episode highlights


“It’s an exciting time where cultural trends are coming together. People are more interested in their own health, and more willing to use tools to be an active participant in managing their health.” – 9:50 – Chris Rushe


“We were moving from being a functional period tracker to being an essential female health partner. Our biggest advocates said they couldn’t live without Flo. What I was struck by was how essential they felt it was, and we connected that back to our purpose.” – 12:25 – Nick Lisher 


“For us, standing out and communicating our unique proposition, it’s about changing the rules and the competitive plane we’re competing on. We’re defining a new category.” – 16:30 – Chris Rushe


“I think that how you market your product, and what you claim it can do, is really important and you have to be very sensitive to it. We have to be very prudent, for very good reason, with what we claim our app can and cannot do.” – 28:30 – Nick Lisher 


“Getting to that inner drive during the interview process is probably the biggest indicator that someone will find it easy to get out of bed in the morning to solve some really difficult challenges, because we’re changing an industry. We’re looking for someone with vision.” – 37:40 – Chris Rushe


“Our biggest challenge has evolved from growing really fast internationally, to how we really convince people of the extra value of Flo. The other big challenge is to continue building trust with our member base.” – 41:15 – Nick Lisher