Using mindset innovation to become a multi-talented T-shaped marketer with on-demand Chief Marketing Officer, Mehul Garg – Episode 4

This year’s demand for creative solutions to new problems has facilitated the meteoric rise of the T-shaped marketer – someone with a breadth of knowledge that allows them to apply their expertise to a range of opportunities.

In this next episode of the Scale of One to Tech podcast, Marketing Executive Mehul Garg details his “3 lives” in marketing – from a corporate career, to scale-up startups, and now being an ‘On-demand CMO’. We learn how marketers need to be ‘channel agnostic’ to become T-shaped, the lessons that can be learned from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and hear Mehul’s take on the growth of responsible consumerism.


This episode covers

  • Becoming a T-shaped marketer
  • Applying yourself to different aspects of performance marketing
  • Encouraging T-shaped transformation as a senior marketing leader
  • Accelerated learning as a necessity at smaller companies
  • The roles of responsible consumerism and CSR

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Episode highlights:


“T-shaped marketers need to have that breadth of skills, but at the same time have very strong core marketing disciplines; performance, marketing, retention, and good exposure to brand marketing.” – 8:22 – Mehul Garg


“There’s a difference between an optimization & efficiency mindset, which is absolutely important, versus a growth & strategic mindset. So it comes down to your ability to switch gears. Are you as comfortable with working with hypotheses as you are with analysis?” – 10:15 – Mehul Garg


“Particularly at PhotoBox and Touchnote, those five years were really difficult years for my life, but that’s what shaped me because it forced me to learn.” – 19:07 – Mehul Garg


“I’ve become an evangelist of doing this mindset innovation, especially how we think, and I’ve created a framework to drive that effective productivity in my team.” – 23:33 – Mehul Garg


“I am certainly not an easy person to work with. One of the most common pieces of feedback I get, especially from my direct reports, is that ‘You are the worst and the best manager that we have’, because I’m passionate. I love developing myself and I love developing other people too.” – 29:38 – Mehul Garg


“it is about balancing, so not really relying on just paid social, paid search or affiliates, but really spreading your risk across all different channels.” – 34:47 – Mehul Garg


“When the deals come Black Friday, all the consciousness and value goes out of the window, you know – convenience consumerism takes place. But we are seeing more and more responsible consumerism coming” – 36:32 – Mehul Garg