The Acquire Method

As Chief Marketing Officer or Digital Marketing Director within a hyper growth tech start-up or established brand, a huge fear can be your strategy and objectives not working out.

Walking into a board meeting with your tail between your legs after failing to hit acquisition targets which leads to reduced budgets, abandoning new market growth, and the possibility of losing your job due to your vision not being executed is a disaster and quite could affect your home life, giving you sleepless nights.


Although there can be many factors as to why your strategy doesn’t reach the heights you hoped, mis-hiring tends to be the focal point. Without the right team, with the right skills, buying into your vision, however solid or effective your strategy may have been, it will never be realised without the right personnel.


In the haste to hire the team, you may have felt the PSL providers already working with your company were enough. Wanting to make hires yesterday led you into illogical logic, by way of working with multiple recruiters on each vacancy. Albeit logic may have said ‘this will cast the net wider’, in fact it had the opposite effect because you promoted speed over quality which led to poor screening, time wasted interviewing very weak candidates, and ultimately hiring average talent because that’s all they could find after searching through a very outdated database.


Whereas those CMO’s and Digital Marketing Directors who can hire the superstars who share their vision and execute on the strategy are able to smash their numbers out of the water, which leads to much happier board meetings, industry accolades, and even further promotions for achieving that success.


In such a competitive talent marketplace there is always an element of luck, but there are processes and methodologies that can be applied to every hire to give you the greatest success of recruiting such superstars and realising the dream you’ve had for so long.


The Acquire Method’ is a 10-step journey that will not only help you secure the superstars of the digital marketing world but elevate your brand and offering to the right audience, meaning you’ll have the very best in the industry wanting to come and work for you and your vision.


Don’t believe me, here’s what those in the market have to say on it;


“Alex has consistently delivered results, hired niche roles within some very competitive sectors, and been a great external representative of our brand. His domain knowledge within the Marketing sector is excellent, and thus his credibility with internal stakeholders was evident quickly.”

  • HR & Talent Director – Travel Tech brand


“Alex is a top-class recruiter. He understands digital marketing better than most and can find relevant & highly talented candidates quickly. Alex asks us the right questions and helps filter ahead of interview stage so when I am meeting a candidate, I’m confident that person is a good fit with experience that fits the brief. I would not hesitate in recommending Alex (with his huge network of digital marketers and in-depth understanding of the sector) to any business looking to replace and/or scale their digital marketing headcount.”

  • Head of Paid Search – Tech brand


“Alex was amazing at discovering exactly what we needed from the role and coming up with the right profile for us. He knew the difference between growth and marketing and matched us with candidates that knew growth is more about the numbers than it is about the ad copy. Frankly the best recruiter I have ever worked with.”

  • Founder – Tech start-up


“I’m generally sceptical about recruitment agencies, but Alex is fantastic. He has super contacts and is very professional. I had an urgent and delicate situation to find a Head of Performance Marketing and the same day he sent me 3 CVs of very interesting candidates. In total I received circa 10 CVs (all impressive and with some absolute gems), selected 6, interviewed 3 and hired ultimately the Head of Performance Marketing from a key growth brand. It was very smooth and fast. He is one of the old school recruiters with a great network of candidates that clearly trust him and go back to him on a regular basis.”

  • CMO – Tech start-up



Now you can see it works, I’m sure you want to know what’s included, right? Well, it’s no magic wand, but a thought out process using a decade of experience recruiting mid to senior level digital marketers, most likely for your competitors.


The steps are as follows;


Step 1: 15 Minute Consultation

Step 2: 1 Hour Brief Workshop

Step 3: Bespoke Written Ads

Step 4: Market Mapping and Reaching Out to Passive Candidates

Step 5: Sense Check

Step 6: Video Interviews

Step 7: The Short-List

Step 8: Manage the Interview Journey

Step 9: Assist with Offer and Onboarding

Step 10: Staying Close by For the First 6 Months


This isn’t an average, run of the mill process, but a way of working that will lead to greater hiring success and your strategy being realised whilst achieving your career goals.


Of course, it’s not the cheapest, but can you put a price on your own future success? The value you receive from this process will put you head and shoulders above the competition and give you the opportunity to ensure your brand is the go-to in an ever-competitive sector.


7 key benefits you receive from The Acquire Method include;

  • A bespoke Video interviewing platform that saves you and your hiring managers time and money by ONLY spending quality time interviewing those candidates who clearly demonstrate the right makeup for your role and company culture.
  • Assurances covering a period of up to 6 months.
  • You have ownership of candidates until YOU reject them from the process. Unlike contingency recruiting, we won’t farm them out, holding on for the company who is willing to pay the highest fee.
  • Detailed candidate notes and insights to understand culture and team fit.
  • Market mapping to find the best IN the market, not ON the market.
  • Commitment to you that we take ownership of the open role until filled, saving you time not needing to speak with numerous recruiters about the same thing.
  • We ONLY work with a maximum of 5 companies per sector in order to headhunt freely, unearthing the best possible talent in an ethical manner.

Ready to become the digital marketing team the rest of the market wants to join, and your competitors aspire to be?

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