The Ghosts of Recruitment

I’ve heard some horror stories from candidates who’ve been ghosted recently.


Those who’ve taken the time to discuss their backgrounds and requirements with recruiters who’ve in turn submitted the CV to their clients.


As the days and weeks pass candidates are following up to see what’s going on by dropping a quick email but getting nothing in return.


Take it at face value and this is exactly why the recruitment industry gets such a bad name.


But dig a little deeper and the blame doesn’t just lay at the door of the recruiter.


Absolutely, the recruiters these candidates are working with should at least have the decency to reply with a simple email back, even if to say ‘no news yet’.


BUT the companies that feel they’re ‘covering a wider pool of the market’ by working with multiple recruiters have made their process about speed, not quality and they get inundated with CV’s, many of which won’t be right, which results in them becoming overwhelmed and feeling that it’s OK not to provide feedback to the recruiter who in turn has little to share with candidates.


The main reason a business works with a recruiter is to save time, money, and hassle, but working in this way has thrown all that out the window.


The recruiters lose out as their name gets tarnished by not having any feedback.


The company loses out as candidates switch off from their job vacancies meaning it becomes even harder for them to recruit in the future.


But most importantly it’s the candidates that lose out the most, sitting in no man’s land with no information, and experiencing a shoddy recruitment process.


Tell me again that multi-agency recruitment is a good thing! I dare you…