The Journey Begins

For many years, those whom I spoke with regularly within my network told me to go and do it. They believed in me, but could I really do it, and did I believe in myself!?

With time comes experience, and with experience comes confidence. You’re able to understand the landscape much better and identify those things that make our industry great and those that are just plain awful.

There are always things inside your mind that stop you in your tracks. Be it buying a house or perhaps a new baby on the way. There is never a ‘right’ time, but I concluded there wasn’t a wrong time either. The words of the old Nike campaign rang true to me. ‘Just do it!’.

It was never a case of leaping into the unknown, there’s been months and months of planning that has gone into this, but I’m pleased to say the time has arrived.

A huge driver for me was having a strong and sound belief. A belief that there was a better way that would benefit all parties involved.

The belief that working in a true partnership would yield far greater results for clients, that it would provide a much smoother journey for candidates, and provide me with enjoyment that my service is a key contributing factor to the onward success of not just a company, but someone’s career and livelihood.

It, therefore, gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Acquire Digital Talent.

Our website will be launching soon where you can learn more about what I believe will bring greater success to you, your business, and future Digital Marketing hires.

If you believe in this too, great. Perhaps it’s the first step on our journey together.

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