Tutorful’s Former-CMO & Multiverse’s VP, Marketing on Cutting Through in EdTech & Maximising LTV: James Hamlin & Rachael Beckett – Episode 2

Covid exposed every child to a new, technologically fueled world of learning by necessity. With so many players in EdTech, how can you cut through to more customers, and keep them for longer?

We’re joined this month on the podcast by VP, Marketing at Multiverse Rachael Beckett and returning guest James Hamlin, once CMO at Tutorful and now Fractional CMO & Consultant. 


Rachael and James dive deep into the foray into new channels, the pain points they’re solving, how to cut through the noise, and staying ahead of a widespread wavering in consumer confidence.


This episode covers

  • How Multiverse have tackled the highly degree-led US market
  • Transferrable experiences from different sectors and how they inform current marketing approaches
  • Embracing new channels to dial into increasingly tech-savvy consumers
  • How to boost lifetime value in the face of declining consumer confidence


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Episode highlights


“It’s been quite a minefield to navigate in terms of what solutions are best for your child because there are no rules for this; there’s no precedent. Now we’ve slotted kids back into school, we can’t expect things to return to normal in a remote working world.” – 6:50 – James Hamlin


“The skills that we need to be successful at work have really changed. I often hear from employers how important it is for individuals to have the flexibility throughout their career to pick up new skills or transfer skills they already know to new problems.” – 9:50 – Rachael Beckett 


“The average US individual leaves with $30,000 in student debt, but do you know the average completion rate is? 40% of students drop out. So many students are leaving with the debt and without the qualification. ” – 14:40 – Rachael Beckett 


“Tech is an enabler for you as a parent, and also ensures you’re finding for your particular child, as her interests develop, that there are very specific functions, content courses that could really apply to anything that they show aplomb to, which is incredibly exciting.” – 23:10 – James Hamlin


“For us, offering degrees gives us the ability to place individuals directly into the workplace, have them earn a salary from day one, and have them working towards a degree over three years that ultimately will allow them to pursue a future in the workplace, or if they want to return to education later, do that too.” – 27:50 – Rachael Beckett 


“Any of us out there acquiring customers that aren’t sticking around for multiple months, years, no matter what the cycle will be, will find it incredibly difficult to be able to get those budgets to continue to invest and grow. That’s simply the market we find ourselves in right now.” – 31:10 – James Hamlin


“Consumer confidence will vary, but even in the market with some more variability in your quarters than previously, you still should find yourself in a place where you can find your consumer if you’re solving a pain for them that they have today.” – 33:00 – Rachael Beckett