What PPC skills you need to learn so every company wants to hire you!

“What PPC skills do I need to improve?”

I’ve been asked this same question by 100’s of Paid Search professionals over the years.

The answer?

Well that can be different for different people but with Paid Search becoming more and more about automation, my answer is always to develop your technical skills.

…And by technical skills I mean:

  • Python, R, Java, .net, Perl, Ruby
  • AdWords API, SearchAds 360 API, DoubleClick Search API, Google API, Bing Ads API
  • AdWords scripts / JavaScript

Ideally, you’d want to start at the top and work your way down as these are most preferred by companies.

Begin to add these strings to your bow and soon enough you’ll be putting yourself in the top 5% of Paid Search professionals across London, the UK, maybe even Europe.

A pretty exciting place to be!