What Your CV MUST Include Before Your Next Application

Many people are trying to remember the last time they updated their CV and whereabouts they saved it on their laptop!


I’ve touched upon this topic in different blogs, posts, and videos before, but with an influx of job seekers to the market, I thought it was crucial for a quick refresher.


During my recruitment career, there’s been a constant theme of what’s been missing from many CV’s, and it’s ABSOLUTELY crucial you get it on there.


So much so, I’ve worked with some awesome candidates who didn’t even get offered a first stage interview because of it.


Therefore, I really can’t stress this enough.


Whether you’re a junior Exec, mid-level Manager, Head of or even Director.


So here goes…


You need to make sure your CV is full of TANGIBLE, KEY ACHIEVEMENTS, showing how you’ve made a MEASURABLE IMPACT on the business or businesses you’ve worked for.


This will either be how you’ve increased the bottom line (so made them money) OR created a new process which has increased performance and ultimately saved them money.


An easy way to break down evidence of impact delivered is this:

What was the situation?

What did you do?

Why did you choose that, and not the other options available?

What was the outcome?

What did you learn?


What would you have done differently?


Yes, we like to know what some of your key responsibilities are, but what’s most important is what you’ve achieved whilst in that role.


Over the coming months, there will be an increased level of competition for jobs, not just in my area of Digital Marketing, but across the board, so this really will help everyone.


It’s a 10-15 minute job and I promise you,  will increase your chances of success dramatically!


Please like and share this blog, so we can spread this simple, yet effective message and help as many people as possible.


Stay in, and stay safe!