Why my candidates are always 1 step ahead of you (but how you can rectify this)

I’m sorry and I don’t want to upset you, but it’s a simple truth that candidates I represent are 1 step ahead of you in the recruitment process…

It’s nothing personal but the hiring companies have a better connection with my candidates.

They feel like they know them better.

They haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to meet them in person before, yet they get a sense of how they come across, way beyond just the words you’ve written on a black and white piece of paper.

You’re struggling to work this one out, right?!

I’ll explain…

The companies I work with benefit from watching pre-recorded video interviews between me and those candidates I’m working with, and when they’re invited in for a face to face interview, they’re 1 step ahead of others who’ve been invited in purely based on their CV alone.

Hiring is way more than just what someone can write (or type) on 2-3 sheets of paper (or in a word doc). It’s about how they fit in culturally, how they answer specific questions the hiring company is keen to hear on, etc.

Your CV alone doesn’t do this.

The good news?

You can rectify this and put yourself in a stronger position.

Looking to make a move within the Digital Marketing space?

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