Why The Right Job Title In Your Job Advert Matters

Sure, job titles shouldn’t define you; I’ve known those called a ‘Head of’ who are actually more senior in one business than a Director in another.

However, advertising the job with the most appropriate title is imperative for companies hiring in-demand Digital & Growth Marketing talent in a competitive market.

For example, I recently saw a Head of CRM position advertised with a salary of £50k/£60k. Granted, this hire might be the most senior CRM professional within their business, yet in my experience, a true Head of CRM would be seeking a far higher salary. Therefore, the applicants they are targeting will end up being wrong and waste time for all involved.

Unlike other forms of advertising, when it comes to recruitment, 9 times out of 10, you’re only looking for one person to fill the requirement. So your job ad only needs to speak to that one person. This makes it pretty unique but also means you can be super targeted.

I’ve also seen some startups advertising for CMO’s but looking to pay £50k-£70k. Now, I know startups have limited cash to be splashing on high earners, but having spoken with my fair share of CMO’s, you’re looking at anything from £150k-£250k base to hire a true Chief Marketing Officer.

So will £70k do it? Probably not!

Are they really looking for a CMO, or will this just be the first marketing hire, and they believe a senior title will be more attractive? Possibly, but will it be speaking with the right people they really want to hire? Debatable, but I’d probably say no.

If you’re looking to make a mid to senior-level marketing hire, keep your title in line with your budget, as this will give you the best chance of hiring success.

Not hired this position before? Or haven’t done so for a while now? It’s ok. I’d always be happy to jump on a call and provide free insight into the market and what you should be looking to use as a title to target the Digital & Growth Marketing Leaders and Executives you want in your business. Just drop me an email at Alex@AcquireDigitalTalent.com