Why Your Tech Company Needs A Standout Vision to Attract the Marketing Leaders & Executives You Want

There are millions of tech companies out there, but the best-known firms aren’t only the ones raking in billions of profits each year. Instead, it’s the tech firms that are developing the market and taking the industry in new directions that are most revered, particularly by tech professionals.

All companies want to maximise their revenue and generate profits, but this doesn’t have to be your sole objective. When you have a standout vision – an overarching principle or underlying reason that guides your firm – you’re working for more than just a payday, and this is becoming critical to professionals within the industry. To learn more, take a look at these five reasons why your tech company needs a standout vision to attract the marketing leaders and executives you want:

1. Tech Marketers Want to Work for Visionaries

When talented tech marketers are searching for new opportunities, it isn’t only the day-to-day role or the salary that entices them. Typically, these marketing leaders and executives aren’t interested in making money for the sake of it. Instead, they want to use their skills to contribute to a bigger cause or purpose.

Technology is changing the way we live, and it has the potential to solve many of the biggest challenges the world’s facing. From reducing CO2 in the atmosphere to developing new food production processes, it’s technology that’s making the world a safer and more equal environment.

Even if your company isn’t directly linked to these types of operations, you can certainly incorporate a larger vision into your operations. Perhaps you want to run a completely green company or maybe you’re sharing a portion of your profits with worthwhile causes? Whatever your vision is, make it compelling and ensure that potential new hires are well aware of it.

2. Increase Investor Confidence

Companies that have standout visions attract investor interest and, more importantly, they increase the confidence of new and existing shareholders. Whether you’re searching for funding to take your start-up to an SME or to expand into a global enterprise, you’ll need to capture the imagination of your investors and back up your plans with verifiable data and workable strategies.

When you can increase investor confidence, you’ll find it easier to raise the funds you need and this impacts every department, including marketing. With the extra budget to experiment with new and emerging marketing channels, you can give your leadership team the freedom to experiment, create, and reach new heights.

For marketing leaders and executives, this represents an attractive opportunity and one that’s hard to pass up. While boosting investor confidence will have many positive effects on your business, helping you to attract the best marketing leaders is certainly one of the benefits.

3. Create a Buzz in the Market

Every business out there wants to make money, so you won’t create much buzz in the marketplace unless there’s something different about your firm and your standout vision can be that difference. Word of mouth is still a fantastic form of marketing and great employers are well-known amongst industry professionals. By using your vision to create a buzz in the market, you can boost your reputation and get on the radar of senior marketing leaders who are eager for new challenges and opportunities.

4. Attract Customers More Easily

A company with a vision isn’t just attractive to investors and professionals, it’s also enticing for customers and clients. No matter what industry you’re operating in, you’ll find it easier to attract customers if you align your vision with your brand. This adds to your USPs, gives your target audience another reason to choose your firm over your competitors, and helps you to grow your firm.

In turn, attracting customers more easily allows you greater flexibility with your marketing spend. You won’t need to invest quite so much in standard paid channels, vying for custom using tried and tested methods. Instead, you can be creative and use innovative ideas and emerging channels to acquire a new segment of your target market.

Similarly, showcasing your company’s vision as a USP can become part of your retention strategy. By encouraging your customer base to share in your vision and showing how your firm is reaching its objectives, you’re giving existing customers a reason to stick with you and maximising retention rates in the process.

For incoming marketing leaders, the increased flexibility that’s available alongside high acquisition and retention rates presents new opportunities. While a talented marketing leader will inevitably have plenty of job offers, few positions will afford them the freedom and flexibility you can when you have a standout vision.

5. Differentiate Your Company

The tech industry is constantly growing, and new companies are being launched all the time. Differentiating your brand in the eyes of your target audience is essential, but what about differentiating your brand from the perspective of employees?

When you set your company apart from others operating in your industry, you can attract the talent you need to grow your firm. Your vision will help you to do this and will prove to potential candidates that a role with your company will genuinely provide them with something that no other firm can. Essentially, you’re giving your brand a USP when you’re attracting marketing talent and giving the best marketing leaders a reason to want to work with you.

Using Your Vision to Find Marketing Directors and Executives

Having a standout vision isn’t enough to attract top talent on its own. Instead, you need to leverage your company’s vision for maximum success. At Acquire Digital Talent, we take the time to really understand your company and its vision before starting our search. By sitting down with all stakeholders and understanding your objectives, inspiration, and employee value proposition, we can take the position to the market and use your story to cultivate an engaged and motivated talent pool.

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