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The Acquire Method

Our Robust & Rigorous Process To Guaranteeing The Best Possible Digital & Growth Marketing Leadership Hire. The Key Stages Are Outlined Below:

All stakeholders to attend a full briefing session to fully define the competencies, responsibilities, objectives and required industry experience for this position. We will agree the timelines, scope, scale and parameters of the search including target companies, individuals and importantly your Employee Value Proposition, in order to take a clear and exciting message to this talent pool.

We will then commence our research, mapping all the target companies and then we will systematically identify every candidate who looks to have the capability and experience for this position.

Approaching each candidate intelligently and discreetly, using a blend of communication methods, we will then engage directly with each individual gaining as much interest in the opportunity as possible. All candidates with the desired skills and experience who are interested in the position will be deemed suitable for the longlist.

Using competency-based assessment techniques, we will carry out an assessment with the longlisted candidates against the core functional and behavioural requirements.

We can complete the full search and then we can jointly select the shortlist for interview on completion, or present candidates to you as they have passed our assessment and we deem them suitable for interview – we will confirm this during the briefing session.

The whole process is completely transparent. During each update, we will share all of the results of the search so far with you. You will see every candidate identified, approached, assessed and the outcomes, as the project progresses.

Full support to arrange interviews with each candidate, taking feedback at regular intervals and ensuring each party is fully informed at every stage. We will be happy to take references if required.

Once a suitable package has been agreed, we will present the offer to the successful candidate and support through any negotiation, to ensure all parties are happy with the final arrangements and stay in regular contact with both you and the candidate until he/she starts.

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