Would a Signing-On Bonus Help You Land Your Perfect Marketing Hire?

I know the poll feature on LinkedIn gets a pretty bad name. Still, after reading an article in The Guardian last week, Employers offer golden hellos of up to £10k amid worker shortage, I decided to bite the bullet and see what my network thought.


Although the article doesn’t talk about Marketers specifically, I’ve long heard about technology companies in Silicon Valley that offer such signing on bonuses to temp Devs/Engineering talent to work for them.


With so many high growth tech companies in London doing so well in 2020, they continue to want talented Digital & Growth Marketing professionals. Yet, as these niche, senior, and strategic Marketers are not generally those who have been made furloughed or redundant, they are struggling. Really struggling.


So, would a signing on bonus do the trick?


Well, a staggering 80% of respondents (150) said YES!!

While speaking to others about this last week, I also found out that Amazon does this for all departments. Even in the UK AND they offer it for the first two years!


I’m not saying it’s the right way or the wrong way. However, if you’ve been struggling to hire, it’s certainly something to consider.


Would this be a strategy you might look towards in the future?