Your job vacancy is AWESOME… But here’s why it’s still unfilled 3+ months down the line…

You work for a top brand. The work your teams involved with is exciting. This open vacancy you have looks fantastic. Yet why does it remain unfilled months down the line?

Is it due to lack of candidates coming through? Sure, we’re in a candidate-led market but other brands are still securing top talent.

Here are the 2 reasons I believe most companies go wrong:

1 – The interview process is too long (candidates being snapped up quicker, or just getting bored of a process that drags, and drags, and drags). Time kills deals. So, speed it up.

2 – At the start, you got so caught up in the moment of wanting to get the position filled yesterday, you didn’t stop to think about the strategy and went out to multiple recruiters who failed to sell your opportunity in the right way to the right audience. The more isn’t the merrier and now the role is ‘stale’ within the market with candidates (who might have been interested) concerned that it’s been around for so long. The recruiters themselves have now taken on vacancies on an exclusive basis (with companies who’ve shown them commitment) and have decided their time is better spent elsewhere. Promoting speed over quality is a recipe for disaster. Every time.

Trust me. Hiring is HARD! Especially when the pool for great talent in a space like Digital Marketing is so competitive.

Failure to put a robust strategy in place means you’ll only have yourself to blame when the position remains vacant.